Something New

I haven’t written in this site for a couple of years.  Actually, I forgot about it because it was hard for me to use, and I am not a writer…I don’t think.  For years I have been an image make in one way or another.  In the last hour I’ve read some interesting, sometimes inspiring, sometimes uncomfortable even though I know what they say is probably pretty close to accurate, or truth, or a truth what ever that is, articles on creativity and creating.

I’ve read about letting the imagination out.  Taking the stopper out of the bottle and letting the genie within free.  I’ve read about discipline.  I’ve read so much in the past couple of hours it’s made my head hurt.

Painting as a creative art is endless.  There are so many mediums to try.  There is watercolor, oil, and acrylic, and all kinds of inventive, in-between media that the painter can use to make wonderful objects that capture the eye and that internal eye we call imagination

Dark Side of the Moon, my featured image is a painting.  It is a kind of painting that when I created it, had rarely been used and for the most part was not heard of where I live.  It was painted with a pressure sensitive pen/mouse used on a pressure sensitive tablet that “connected” electronically with a program in my computer called Corel Painter.  It is a magical program.  I ran my pen/mouse over the pressure sensitive tablet that sat on a rolling desktop, and watched with wonder as I chose “tools” from a “tool box”, colors from a pale, and began to “paint”.  Dark Side of the Moon, dedicated to the album created by the band Pink Floyd, came to life.  Creativity leads to creativity.  Music led to the creation of art.

Change is a constant, so I’m told, and my digital art creating came to an end.  Each time Mac updated their system, my programs had to be updated and soon it became too expensive to continue.  This kind of artwork wasn’t “fine art” I was told by the local gallery owners, and it wasn’t “original” because it was a “print”.  This  about 17 years ago It seems that, at least here where I live, times haven’t changed much.

Ah.  Here we hit the wall.  I’ve not a business person.  I have not been one to take my art to galleries, tell them about what I can do, show them samples, sell them on selling my art.  I haven’t printed my art on greeting cards, applied for and paid $300 for a code and printed hundreds of cards for sale.  Instead, I turned to watercolor, then to oils, and then to clay.  You see the picture forming here.  My creativity is endless.  My business sense sucks.


The Mind of a Painter

I am a painter.  I paint  The public thinks of a painter as an oil painter or one who paints with watercolors or acrylics, and who paints scenery, or faces, or fine art that hangs on walls. Murals on walls  in the streets of a city is another “painterly” thing.  Signs on the window of stores is another.  When I say I am a painter people automatically ask, “what do you paint?”  I have to tell them, I am a painter.

I paint all the above and then some.  I’ve painted on clothing, created hangers for clothing businesses, murals on business walls, sets for a theater, logos, posters, greeting cards, ceramic bowls, and of course, paintings that are hung on walls for the owners to enjoy.  I’ve painted in watercolors, oils, pen and ink and recently, acrylics.

This brings me to my latest painterly project.  I am also a gardener.  I love the bright colors of flowers.  But the pots to put my plants in seemed dull.  Terra-cotta pots are always brown and the ceramic pots with fired colorful glazes are brown with drips, blue with drips of usually a white glaze, yellow and sometimes red.  End of story.  I looked for something different.  Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I experimented.

With acrylic paints I started painting on terra-cotta pots.  I had women-friends over to experiment with me and they all took a pot home which they have on their plants stands and could tell others, “I painted that”.  Everyone is happy. Continue reading Painter